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Combining legal expertise, understanding of strategic issues and knowledge of jurisdictions, the firm has particular expertise in complex litigation involving various legal fields.
The firm seeks the most suitable solution to the resolution of the dispute by favoring a pragmatic approach guided by the interests of the client.
Thanks to the international openness of the firm, the team assists clients facing cross-border disputes.
The firm operates in all sectors of the economy to assist clients made up of international groups, French SMEs, banks, wealth management consultants and financial investment advisers, auditors, shareholders and leaders.
Stock market and financial litigation


  • Responsibility of wealth management advisers and financial investment advisers

  • Disciplinary litigation: AMF investigation and control procedure; proceedings before the AMF Sanctions Commission.

  • Advice in drawing up compliance reports and drawing up rules of good conduct.


  • Financial services litigation.


  • Prudential litigation.

Civil and commercial litigation


  • Execution of contracts, breach of contracts and negotiations.


  • Actions related to unfair competition, denigration.


  • Litigation of the transfer of trade.


  • Civil search litigation.


  • Litigation of the termination of established commercial relations.

Statutory Auditors and accountants
  • Assistance and representation of accountants and auditors before civil, commercial and disciplinary courts.

Corporate and executive law litigation

  • Acquisition litigation: liability guarantee clause, price revision, etc.


  • Litigation related to the exclusion of partners.


  • Litigation related to the dismissal of directors.


  • Conflicts between shareholders.

Real estate law
  • Commercial and professional leases.
  • Residential leases (litigation concerning the eviction of tenants for unpaid debts, holidays or others; litigation concerning disturbances and deprivation of tenure, litigation concerning abnormal neighborhood disturbances).
  • Works, construction and town planning (liability action for architects and contractors).
  • Undivided ownership (dispute over enjoyment and management of an undivided asset; distribution of charges; dispute over the exit from joint ownership).
  • Real estate sale (litigation of the promise to sell; forced execution; defects in consent).
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